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Bioinformatics Support

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The Boerries group provides collaborative  support in experimental design, data analysis, modeling and clinical annotation and interpretation for microarrays, sequencing and other high-throughput data.
We aim to collaborate with the University Hospital Freiburg, the German Cancer Consortium and other academic institutions.
To inquire about working with us, please email:

Our group  has expertise in the following areas:

Next-Generation Sequence Analysis

Analysis of Exome and Whole Genome Sequencing Use of current aligners (BWA, Bowtie, STAR, kallisto) for all NGS platforms and applications Tophat, Cufflinks, DESeq and Trinity (among others) for RNA-Seq analysis VarScan for variant calling

Microarray Analysis

Experience with data from all major array platforms (Affymetrix, Illumina, Nimblegen & Agilent)
Analysis of methylation data (Illumina 450K) BioConductor/R

Data analysis & Modeling

Custom Scripts in R/Bioconductor and Python Clustering, bioinformatic screening for co-expression/interaction Pathway modeling using timeseries data


Dedicated Staff

Patrick Metzger

Finding us

Our group is located in the Institute for Medical Bioinformatics and Systems Medicine

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