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Molekulare Medizin - AG Biniossek, Massenspektrometrie - Peptidanalytik und Proteinanalytik (Proteomics) - Publikationen
2021 Widen J.C., Tholen M., Yim J.J., Antaris A., Casey K.M., Rogalla S., Klaassen A., Sorger J., Bogyo M. Multivariate ‘AND-gate’ substrate probes as enhanced contrast agents for fluorescence-guided surgery. Nat Biomed Eng. doi: 10.1038/s41551-020-00616-6. PMID: 32989286 (2021)

Tholen M. #, Yim J.J. #, Groborz K., Yoo E., Martin B.A., van den Berg N.S., Drag M., Bogyo M. Design of optical imaging probes by screening of diverse substrate libraries directly  in disease tissue extracts. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. //doi.org/10.1002/anie.202006719. PMID: 32589815(2020) #equal contribution.


Yim J.J., Singh S.P., Xia A., Kashfi-Sadabad R., Tholen M., Huland D.M., Zarabanda D., Cao Z., Solis-Pazmino P., Bogyo M., Valdez T.A. Short-Wave Infrared Fluorescence Chemical Sensor for Detection of Otitis Media. ACS Sens. 25;5(11):3411-3419. PMID: 33175516 (2020)


Garland M., Hryckowian A.J., Tholen M., Oresic-Bender K., Van Treuren W.W., Loscher S., Sonnenburg J.L., Bogyo M. The Clinical Drug Ebselen Attenuates Inflammation and Promotes Microbiome Recovery in Mice After Antibiotic Treatment for CDI. Cell Rep Med. 1(1):10000. PMID: 32483557 (2020)


Widen J., Tholen M., Yim J.J., Bogyo M. Methods for Analysis of Near-Infrared (NIR) Quenched-Fluorescent Contrast Agents in Mouse Models of Cancer. Methods Enzymol. 2020;639:141-166. PMID: 32475399 (2020)


Bilverstone T.W., Garland M., Cave R.J., Kelly M.L., Tholen M., Bouley D.M., Kaye P., Minton N.P., Bogyo M., Kuehne S.A., Melnyk R.A.. The glucosyltransferase activity of C. difficile Toxin B is required for disease pathogenesis. PLoS Pathog. 22;16(9):e1008852. PMID: 32960931


Yim J.J.#, Tholen M.#, Klaassen A., Sorger J., Bogyo M. Optimization of a protease activated probe for optical surgical navigation. Mol Pharm. 5;15(3):750-758. PMID: 29172524 (2018) #equal contribution.


Amara N., Tholen M., Bogyo M. Chemical Tools for Selective Activity Profiling of Endogenously Expressed MMP-14 in Multicellular Models. ACS Chem Biol. 13(9):2645-2654. PMID: 30160940 (2018)

2017 Sigloch F.C., Tholen M., Gomez-Auli A., Biniossek M.L., Reinheckel T., Schilling O. Proteomic analysis of lung metastases in a murine breast cancer model reveals divergent influence of CTSB and CTSL overexpression. J Cancer. 23;8(19):4065- 4074. PMID: 29187882 (2017)

Lai Z.W., Weisser J., Nilse L., Costa F., Keller E., Tholen M., Kizhakkedathu J.N., Biniossek M., Bronsert P., Schilling O. Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded Tissues (FFPE) as a Robust Source for the Profiling of Native and Protease-Generated Protein Amino Termini. Mol Cell Proteomics. 15(6):2203-13. PMID: 27087653 (2016)


Tholen M., Wolanski J., Stolze B., Chiabudini M., Gajda M., Bronsert P., Stickeler E., Rospert S., Reinheckel T. Stress resistant translation of cathepsin L mRNA in breast cancer progression. J Biol Chem. 290(25):15758-69. PMID: 25957406 (2015)

2014 Tholen M., Hillebrand L.E., Tholen S., Sedelmeier O., Arnold S.J., Reinheckel T. Out-of-frame start codons prevent translation of truncated nucleo-cytosolic cathepsin L in vivo. Nat Comm. 5:4931.PMID: 25222295 (2014)

Tholen S., Biniossek M.L., Gansz M.*, Ahrens T.D., Schlimpert M., Kizhakkedathu J.N., Reinheckel T., Schilling O. Double deficiency of cathepsins B and L results in massive secretome alterations and suggests a degradative cathepsin-MMP axis. Cell Mol Life  Sci. 71(5):899-916. PMID: 23811845 (2014)


Gansz M., Kern U., Peters C., Reinheckel T. ‘Exploring Systemic Functions of Lysosomal Proteases: The Perspective of Genetically Modified Mouse Models ‘. Book chapter in K. Brix and W. Stöcker, Proteases - Structure and Function. ISBN 978-3-7091-0884- 0 (2013) Review


Müller S., Faulhaber A., Sieber C., Pfeifer D., Hochberg T., Gansz M.*, Deshmukh S.D., Dauth S., Brix K., Saftig P., Peters C., Henneke P., Reinheckel T. The endolysosomal cysteine cathepsins L and K are involved in macrophage-mediated clearance of Staphylococcus aureus and the concomitant cytokine induction. FASEB J. 2014 Jan;28(1):162-75. PMID: 24036885 (2014)


Tholen S., Biniossek M.L., Gansz M.*, Gomez-Auli A., Bengsch F., Noel A., Kizhakkedathu J.N., Boerries M., Busch H., Reinheckel T., Schilling O.. Deletion of cysteine cathepsins B or L yields differential impacts on murine skin proteome and degradome. Mol Cell Proteomics. 12(3):611-25. PMID: 23233448 (2013)


*Change of family name in 2014


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